Our main objective is to work closely with you, to listen and understand your needs and production constraints in order to successfuly achieve your project.

We develop a wide range of services to assist you from the pre-production and to provide you solutions adapted to your ressources. More than just a service provider in motion capture, we are a reliable partner entirely devoted to creative industries.



We can provide you a "Performance capture" shoot with 3D real-time preview and virtual camera, innovative solutions for facial and fingers capture and many other facilities upon request.


» Performance capture shoot

In our studio, we can capture up to 5 performers, with set and propsvirtual camera
Everything useful to realize your framing and make a previz of your shots in 3D and in real-time.

» 3D Real-time Preview & Virtual Cameras

We can provide you a 3D real-time preview during the motion capture shoot. 
By re-targeting in real-time your 3D character in his 3D environment and the virtual camera, you will be able to see your framing and your whole scene in 3D and in real-time.

» Facilities >

With our 120m2 studio stage with 6m heigh ceiling, we can offer you a field of capture 6m x 6m x 4m able to capture up to 5 performers and to install special aerial stunt equipement.
We have also many other facilities upon request:

• 5 stages of 130m2 with motion picture and lighting equipment
 1 Theatre Arts stage of 300m2
 300 seats screening room with 8m*5m wide screen and Full HD /4K projection
 1 sound proof studio (capacity 12 musicians)
 and many other equipements (cameras, projectors, boom micro,etc) available upon request [...]

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» Facial Motion Capture (optical solution)

To capture a more accurate facial performance, we can use different optical solutions:

• Markerless video tracking facial capture
• Optical motion capture with markers

We can also setup the facial motion capture in a sound proof studio to record a perfectly synchonised performance.


» Facial Motion Capture (innovative solution)

With over 16 years experience on production constraints in TV Series and video-games (short schedule, quality, mount of data, limited budget), we can provide you a realtime innovative solution to capture facial in real-time with a puppeter equiped with Cybergloves.
The .fbx animation delivered at the end of the facial capture shoot & process is ready to use in your 3d Software or real-time engine.

» Fingers Motion Capture

We can provide you a solution to capture fingers in real-time using Cybergloves.
The .fbx animation delivered at the end of the facial capture shoot & process is ready to use in your 3d Software or real-time engine


» A/V Recording and Editing

We record synchronised video reference during a shoot (Up to 3 HDV).
We can provide you with sound recording (boom micro) and editing upon request.


» Sets/Props

Any dynamic object (weapons, doors, sports equipment, cameras) can be captured. 
Any set can be built on stage (stairs, ramps, ladders) or more complex
environments if they have been set-up in pre-production with your modelling department and our workshop.

» Talent Sourcing

We work with a variety of professionals in different skilled domains: actresses/actors, stunt actors and coordinators, dancers, athletes, martial artists, puppeteers. We can provide you the best performer for your project.


» Script shoot

We can deliver to you a script inclusive of all your shots, duration, comments at the end of the day.

Please contact us for more information on all these services.